Husqvarna Automower: How it works

Automower Features

Automower Connect


Automower Connect offers complete control of your Husqvarna Automower from your connected devices anywhere in the world. It is now also compatible with Amazon Alexa

GPS Assisted Navigation


Allows for GPS mapping of your yard so the Husqvarna Automower knows where it has been and where it hasn't. It can also learn which areas tend to grow more rapidly than others and allocate its mow time accordingly.

Cutting Disc


Unlike ordinary mowers, the Husqvarna Automower uses three sharp, pivoting razor blades to cut your grass. This allows for a very fine cut reducing stress and keeping your grass healthier than ever.

Narrow Passage Handling


Navigating narrow passages is a breeze with the Husqvarna Automower. With narrow passage handling enabled, your Automower can swiftly navigate tight spaces ensuring no blade of grass is left untouched

Guide Wires


Husqvarna's patented guide wire system offers a direct passage back to the charging station when your Husqvarna Automower needs to charge. It also eliminates tracking along the perimeter of your yard.

Weather Timer


Weather timer enables the Husqvarna Automower to detect growth rates of grass. With weather timer enabled, your Automower will discontinue its mowing session if the grass is not experiencing any growth.

LED Headlights


Husqvarna Automower's X-Line comes equipped with LED headlights, which can be programmed to be on, off, or only on during the evening. You have total control.

Quiet Operation


Its quiet, too quiet! The Husqvarna Automower is so quiet, it can be scheduled to run overnight without the worry that it will disturb you or your neighbors

Slope Handling


Husqvarna Automowers are capable of handling slopes up to 45% or 25 degrees.

Theft Protection


Every Husqvarna Automower comes equipped with its own pin code and anti-theft alarm built in. An audible alarm will sound if the Automower is tampered with and can be programmed for various levels of security.

Weather Proof


Rain or shin, the Husqvarna Automower mows daily so you never have to worry about your grass growing out of control

Spiral Cutting


The Husqvarna Automower uses spiral cutting to identify and evenly cut areas of the lawn that are denser or grow more rapidly than others. 

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